Gas Valve

Dryer Gas Valve a Dryer part for dryer repair on a gas or electric clothes dryer, tumble dryer, or drying machine a household appliance that is used to dry clothes. Many dryers consist of a rotating drum with drum rollers called a tumbler which is spun by a belt driven motor which may use fuses and or capacitors for protection. Heated air reaches hot temperatures through a heating element or heating coil governed by a series of hi temperature and low temperature cutt off thermostats, thermal fueses. The air is filtered by a lint filter or lint screen. Heat leaves your dryer and home thorugh your dryer exhaust vent. Some Homes may not have venting and use a Dryer Vent kit as an alternative. All of these electrical parts work behind your Dryer Timer and Start switch. Appliance repair tech or a do it yourself homeowner trying to save. We are here to help and stock all the dryer parts and major home appliance parts or tools you may need. PartsMadness offers parts for major brand name appliances including Amana Speedqueen Admiral Frigidaire Gibson Electrolux WestingHouse General Electric GE Whirlpool Maytag Samsung LG and much more. Cant find what you need? Use our Live Chat or call Toll Free at 1-877-349-4861